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Star Trek Adventures: Homeward Lost

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Star Trek Adventures: Homeward Lost

Star Trek Adventures on Roll20

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  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: None
  • Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    Boldly defend Starfleet as war looms between the Romulans and the Humans. The Romulan fighter Nemrathas has made an attack at Earth. This act of defiance has shattered the fragile alliance between the Starfleet and the Romulan empire. Your ship rushed out to the front to ensure peace and negotiate a treaty with Ambassador Harkin on board. But that's when it all went to hell. Harkin was stabbed by an infiltrator, negotiations turned into a warzone, and your away team barely managed to get back to the shuttle before pandemonium ensued. The planetside resort "Ember's Rest" became a bloodbath as your shuttle's nacels burned hotly behind you, leaving the brewing war to smolder. Captain Darius Fost continued to bark the retreat, himself badly wounded, as you rocketed skyward. We pick up this story with the away team (that'll be you), landing the shuttle back in the bay of the Earth vessel, U.S.S. Enchantress as many of the crew rush to aid you in your beaten, wounded states. This game is for beginners, and introduces them to the Star Trek Adventures gaming system. Books can be purchased at, but are not required. Basic character creation will happen during the first half hour of play, with skills and character development occurring during play, so don't worry about knowing how to roll a character. That will happen fairly quickly after a few basic stats are captured. This will be an ongoing campaign that unravels the mystery of the Romulan Freedom Co-operative, and span many sessions in my custom story of intrigue, mystery, battles and scientific discovery. While fighting, statistics and survival are part of the story, ingenuity, story and roleplay are going to be your biggest advantages here. Even the weakest party member -- when making the most creative solution -- can be the biggest hero. So shine your shoes and press your Starfleet Whites... your name is about to become a legend. Good luck, crew! You're going to need it.

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    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    Get a free Roll20 account, and be prepared to fill out a Roll20 character sheet. (I'll provide the link and details for getting that sheet before the session). I will demonstrate the game system as we go, so you don't need to get bogged down in the rules for a game. Dice rolls will be handled via the website, and will be visible to all. As for audio and video, you will need a mic and webcam to be seen and heard by others, and I find it best if you use headphones (to prevent audio feedback loops) for listening. That's it. Be ready to have some fun!!!!

    What I provide

    Dice, maps, story, intrigue, puzzles, weapons ... literally everything else except the snacks. Bring your own snacks, but if they're crunchy, don't forget to mute while you chew.

    Gameplay details

    This will be using the Star Trek material from Modiphius. This uses D20s and D6s to their fullest. We will build characters in the first half hour, but we will do the "expedited build". As such, you put in only the barest minimal stats to define some basics. From there, you will take on your first mission. In that mission, you will face challenges that help you define and shape your character, locking in skills and setting stats for you so that even character building becomes an entertaining part of the pre-story, not "the slog you have to do to get to the fun part." I really hope you enjoy this part of how Star Trek Adventures is played. The story itself will be an ongoing campaign. Since this is a new platform for me, I don't know **all** the rules, either. There will be times where I have to slow down and check the book. In some cases, I'm going to make an educated guess and make a ruling, with the knowledge that I may have to check up on that later and "do it right next time" to keep the game going. Have patience with me as my strength is not in rules knowledge but in fair, honest cooperative storytelling.

    Content warnings


    Safety tools used


    How will character creation work

    Character creation will be the first hour or so of this session, but even then, there will be a "beginning mission" to help RP the experience of building your character's story arc.

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: Low
    • Roleplay: High
    • Puzzles: High
    • Experience Level: None

    Player reviews (31)

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