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This campaign takes place in the fantasy/steampunk isles of Allos. Black powder rifles and cannons are commonplace in the Dwarven kingdom, while newly created airships fly overhead. There will be mystery, political intri...

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How to prepare

Make sure you understand the basic rules, and the rules you will be most likely using that session (class features, spells you wish to cast, etc.)

What I provide

Knowledge of the rules of the game. Knowledge of the world: Maps! Menus! Knowledge of how the world will be reacting to your choices. A willingness to work together and have fun!

What else should you know

Expect who your character is, and what they do, to matter. My campaigns are not set in stone. Player choices have changed the entire direction of the campaign, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Your character's story will be interwoven into the main campaign, although it may not be apparent from session 1. Because of the above two, roleplaying is highly encouraged! And you should not be afraid to build your character in a way that seems non-optimal. The challenges you face will be catered to the party's overall strength, and challenges do not need to be killed to gain experience points.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

All characters will start at level 1. Character creation will be done in (free) 1 on 1 sessions with me where stats will be rolled, and we can work together on what you want your backstory to be. Each player can expect their backstory to be interwoven into the main campaign.

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