Something strange in the water:  A Call of Cthulhu Introductory adventure

Something strange in the water: A Call of Cthulhu Introductory adventure

Call of Cthulhu on Fantasy Grounds, Discord

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  • Duration: 4 to 5 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Open to all

Price per player-session

About the adventure

Professor Rhodes has gone missing! You are part of a team from Miskatonic University. The university has been quiet, but Dr. Rhodes expedition has not returned, and his correspondence has also stopped. The semester is coming, and the University wants him to resume his duties. They are sending those whom they can spare interns, friends, concerned faculty and staff to find out what exactly happened.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Gameplay will take place on Discord and Fantasy grounds. Players will need to download and install the demo version of fantasy grounds to connect. Please download the demo version, I have ultimate license so as to prevent my players from having to make purchases. Players should have a microphone to connect to voice-chat.

What I provide

Fantasy grounds Discord Handouts - maps - images and graphics

Gameplay details

This is a one-shot adventure for Call of Cthulhu. It is one of two published adventures originally released with the Keeper's screen and is designed for new players and new keepers to get a feel for the Call of Cthulhu world. I am not a new keeper and experienced players are welcome, but this adventure assumes no knowledge of the setting or the system. Call of Cthulhu derives its themes from the world found in the tales of H.P. Lovecraft, Clarke, and Derleth. They pioneered the genre that we now call cosmic horror. Mankind is small, and the world is but one of many realms where sentient being prowl forwarding their own agendas. The forces and beings that propel mankind's action are alien and unknowable, yet some beings will directly interfere with the doings of man. Science is given glimpses into new spaces, but the line between the natural and the supernatural has yet to be drawn. Will our explorations lead us to greater understanding, or will probing the unknown only lead to madness and ruin? I run my games in Fantasy grounds with sound in discord. I sometimes do voices, but I'm not an actor and I view my role as a GM closer to that of a writer/director than that of a voice-actor. I use a voice mod and sound effects and sometimes music. For safety I use lines, veils, and XNO cards. Lines are those themes or scenes that will not be present in the campaign. For example, vivid depictions of sexual assault is a line. Veils are action that takes place "off camera" or "behind the veil" In this campaign examples may include, sex, torture, child abuse, vivid gore are things that would go behind the veil. I don't plan on having any of these scenes in my story, but I don't want this to be a line, I'd welcome characters that have been tortured or have had sex, but I want the camera to be focused on the investigation. XNO cards are signals that allow players to annonmously express consent, or give warning, in a given situation. X cards are a red light, we need to stop the scene or shift scenes immediately. N cards are like a yellow light, giving warning that the story is going in a direction, description, or a theme that makes a player uncomfortable and that the keeper needs to dial it down a bit. O functions as the green light. It say's I'm having fun and go ahead . My style of gaming is story first. I tend to run light on system. I've role-played most systems, and while I know the rules and make appropriate calls, I will always prefer to keep the story going than to get bogged down in rulings. In call of Cthulhu, I want that story to be one of consequences. Call of Cthulhu focuses on humility. Beings exist in this world so powerful they can destroy cities or planets without even noticing, beings so incomprehensible that to even look upon them will drive a human mad. Even when investigators win and stop the end of the world or whatever big bad there is, they often do so by sacrificing their sanity, their luck, their friends, and their families. In call of Cthulhu I tell tales of horror, and even in victory, tales of horror are tragic. Players should come to enjoy that horror and tragedy too.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

Players wanting to create their own characters can feel free to do so. Characters are created using the "point-buy" system with 460 total points. Characters should be submitted to me at least 24 hours prior to gameplay. I will provide pregenerated characters for those who do not wish to partake in the character creation process. As per the story introduction, players are in association with Miskatonic University or the family of the missing professor. They should choose occupations and backgrounds accordingly.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Low
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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