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AVAILABLE DIGITALLY OR IN PERSON A farmer reaches out in need of an escort up to the fabled city where the word on the ground is the city is reopening to the public after a long and brutal civil war. Step into the sky a...

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For Digital games you will need: Discord installed to join the game server Create a Character (I can help with this) For Physical Games: Create a Character Dice Your fine self!

What I provide

For in person games I can provide dice, characer sheets, minis, 2D maps, and dice trays for all of your rolling needs! For Digital games I can provide character sheets, digital tokens and digital maps!

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This game is a short D&D 5th edition campaign designed for new players of level 1-3 or experienced players of level 3-5. Typically running 2-3 sessions, the campaign features a modular story with over 10 different endings depending on the plotlines you choose to follow. Each of the guilds of Skyfold hold their own secrets to be discovered and it is up to you to figure out their intentions and motivations! The campaign is story focused with combat and puzzles spread in between and you will face challenging enemies who wish to take skyfold all for themselves.

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