Shadow of the Demon Lord | Shadow of the Demon Lord - Queen of Gold - Introductory Adventure

Shadow of the Demon Lord on Fantasy Grounds

Come learn to play Shadow of the Demon Lord with a pregenerated character using the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. No experience necessary, rules taught. Content Warning: The world of Urth is a harsh place and the S...

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How to prepare

You'll need the Demo version of Fantasy Grounds Classic and Discord for video and voice.

What I provide

A full Ultimate Fantasy Grounds license, pregenerated characters, and a good time!

What else should you know

This game can have graphic depictions of death and demonic entities.

Gameplay Details

We usually start with levelling up to the appropriate level and then we're off! The games are usually 1-shot adventures tied into the Queen of Gold campaign.

How Will Character Creation Work


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