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If you play more than one episode you can play the same character for each one you play. Come prepared with a 6th level character, using a standard array for stats and average HP (max at first level) as in the book. Any ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Just have characters, a mic and headset and able to connect through google meet.

What I provide

The game!

What else should you know

In addition, I will have a code for one lucky player for a D&D Beyond digital copy of the new MYTHIC ODYSSEYS OF THEROS book. At the end of the game I will roll and one player will get the book!

Gameplay Details

Pretty good mix, usually at least 1 or 2 combats, the rest is role play and exploring.

How Will Character Creation Work

premade characters, level 6, standard array, one uncommon and one rare magic item.

Players can expect







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