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Want an extra push to learn? Want to see the hilarity that ensues when what you learn (or don't learn) outside the game impacts your player character directly in the game? Introducing our namesake game system, the Schoo...

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How to prepare

The game system uses a D20 system. Please bring an open mind and a willingness to learn and try out a new system. Players will create characters during the first online meeting together.

What I provide

Theater of the Mind, Descriptions, NPC's, etc. GM will also provide support in each player developing what is called the Mind Sheet.

What else should you know

We play all sessions online using Zoom and using Theater of the Mind No swearing or blasphemy allowed (3 strikes and you are out of the session due to sudden character demise) We maintain a rated PG environment No evil player characters/no extreme, violent or vile actions We expect all players to have and use a webcam throughout each session We record all sessions using Zoom and may choose to make the first session of each campaign available for free viewing on our website We may opt to make sessions 2 and up of any given recorded campaign available only to paid subscribers, with each player earning a 10% cut of any profits. We expect all players to exhibit good listening and turn-taking skills. We expect commitment to the campaign and to the group (Mutual Respect, Good Participation, On-time Attendance, Good Role-playing, Good Teamwork) This campaign requires additional study of content directly relevant to your personal or professional life. We expect all players to maintain family, learning & work responsibilities, including life balance & personal health.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Session 0 will be a Character Creation/Get Acquainted Session

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Open To All

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