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Sanctuary on a Lonely Moon

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Sanctuary on a Lonely Moon

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Foundry VTT

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  • Duration: 4 to 6 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Intermediate

Price per player-session

About the adventure

**Sanctuary on a Lonely Moon*** - An original one-shot by Thomas Sharpe and Bel Harris Setting: Spelljammer/Wildspace with my own twist. All the realms are accessible! Perfect game for launching into a Spelljammer campaign. Themes are focused on Healing, Light, Space, Guilt and Doom. I like to challenge players to dive into the flawed aspects of their characters while giving them opportunities to be heroes or villains along the way. A built-in aspect of this one shot is the facilitators of the resort/spa asking the party to privately vision-board their group's goals to reach a final encounter that was decided by the group as a whole. Summary: As your adventurer has come down from a recent series of struggles, stress and traumas, an opportunity to heal, relax and #treatyourself has arrived. A tiny crystalline Lantern Archon showed up on your doorstep, offering this bright and joyful message: "Are you tired? Sad? Hounded by guildsfolk, trade unions and vampirates on the shifting tides of Wildspace? (tm) Has pulling yourself up by your cling-suit straps left you with: Regrets? Worries? Unexplained feelings of guilt? Other strong emotions? If you're looking to continue your climb to the top, you need to leave some baggage behind. The Shrouded Sanctuary has everything you need: 🙂 - weight loss therapies through transmutation - deep and lasting psychic cleansing - beautiful, natural crystalline gardens - secluded and private location protected under the treaty of the S.R.E.G. - Sentients Reach Explorer's Guild - en-suite restaurant - natural, healing mineral pools - supportive and compliant staff And remember our motto - "Clarity of Heart means Clarity of Vision"

Professional Game Master

Thomas (LegoMySuperego)


6 Reviews

Voice Actor
Game Designer

8 years as a TTRPG player

6 years as a Game Master

2 games hosted

Brings D&D Beyond Content, KibblesTasty Compendium of Craft and Creation, CommanderFayne's Revised Martial Equipment, WorldAnvil, Foundry VTT 24/7 server access. to the table

Thomas (LegoMySuperego) profile

Additional Details

How to prepare

Tech Requirements: Free DnDBeyond account Free Discord account 4 gb of RAM, No Chromebooks or laptops older than 10 years (For this game with enhanced visuals) Functional Microphone and webcam. Discord (app installed): Google Chrome Installed If you want to play directly from your DnDBeyond character, please install this extension: *Otherwise: I will import your completed DnDBeyond character sheet into Foundry VTT so you only have to keep Foundry and Discord open to play. Modules are available to make your character's action economy and resources easy to track within Foundry. Find any art that you think is close enough to your character's appearance and upload asap. :) *If you need something on DnD Beyond that I don't own, ask me. Also please choose one of the following archetypes that will decide how your character merited an invitation to The Shrouded Sanctuary. Prospective Investor - you come from money and you know the Founder of this resort by repute or you sailed in similar orbits Current Investor - you've maybe been to the resort before, or you at least have invested in it at a good time to start making a profit. Is this private interest or do you represent a trade guild? Famous Client - Being well known, infamous or well-connected has its perks. Being secretly pushed up the waitlist was either your idea or someone else's but who could pass up the opportunity to try this Celestial Cycle's next big thing? Charity Client (for PR) - Are you part of some Genie's Make-a-wish? Did you get a settlement from a major guild for wrongful termination? Either way, you're not like the others here, at least not on the surface. How'd this happen for you? Undercover Inspector - You're a legitimate paying client...or so they need you to think. The Greater Guild Group has inspectors to make sure licensed businesses are treating their clients well and it just so happens that they pay to send you to many kushy places on the company coin. Do you make extra on bribes for favorable scores or are you by the books? Family Connection You're related to the resort's Founder and have been personally invited. What's your relationship to them? Discounted vouchers for distant cousins? Secret Illegitimate child showing up on their doorstep? Ex-spouse checking in on investments they still get a cut of? Spiritual Pilgrimage - You've been sent or called here. Were you patiently waiting on the list or did the clergy you represent make a sizeable donation to get you bumped up? Why does this place sing to you across the immeasurable silence? Perhaps the rumors of this sanctuary are true, divinity adrift at the precipice of the Void Sea. *Let me know your choice once you've booked! I will send you some secrets, intel or additional goals as a reward! :D

What I provide

I will bring mostly original maps. Scripted Visions, Pre-recorded audio logs, Homebrew creatures and 4 major NPCs to interact with. Narration and characters designed by a professional author, my partner Bel Harris!

Gameplay details

Some analogues to problematic workplace culture like toxic positivity. Body horror elements are largely external and there are non-violent paths that can be taken if rolls/roleplay choices are sufficiently convincing.

Content warnings


Safety tools used
  • Breaks
  • Lines and Veils
  • Open Door
  • X, N, and O Cards
How will character creation work

5th Edition D&D. Tier 2: Level 8, multiclass allowed, 1 feat to start, reroll stats total (all stats added up) that are under 70 or over 84 (4d6 drop lowest). No variant Human. Please create Characters on provided DnDBeyond link once you've booked. Sources: Anything on DnD beyond (includes Critrole, Eberron etc.) No homebrew. 1 common magic item, 1 uncommon, 1 Rare (approved by me). Basic gear plus 400gp bonus gold for nonmagical gear. Roleplaying your chosen flaws earns boons and stacking inspiration points so please choose some in your background and have FUN with them.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Intermediate

Player reviews (6)

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