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Welcome ! This is a world-wide campaign involving the official setting of the Forgotten Realms starting in the year 1483 DR, but with some substantial changes to the canon events and timeline. Your group will eventually...

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How to prepare

Even for complete beginners, a passable knowledge of the most basic mechanics of the game is appreciated (you can contact me beforehand with questions, I'm happy to help). Do not be concerned about memorizing entire rulebooks though, as you will learn as you play. It's easy, especially in text format. More experienced players are of course welcome to submit their characters beforehand, but the DM reserves the right to approve them on the basis of the setting / forthcoming plot etc. Remember this is more about creating a cool story together than having the most badass-tank-multi-classed-slaughtering-machine ever ! As far as apps and other programs, you'll need a decent connection to internet and access to Discord. We use dice bots but if you prefer to roll your own dice IRL that can be discussed (just don't cheat, ok ? that's just plain lame...).

What I provide

I am happy to help you with your characters' portraits (I have a vast collection available), I also will provide battlemaps, general area / dungeon maps, NPC portraits, background illustrations, even special items' depictions... basically anything that can make the campaign world as real and complete as possible, and help the players visualize the situations they're in, both in and out of combat. Atmospheric sounds and/or music will also be integrated in the sessions.

What else should you know

I intend this game to be open to all kinds of people and as inclusive as possible, so try not to be rude and needlessly judgmental, avoid sexist/racist/homophobic jokes... Also, do try and tone down the swearing (unless it's needed in-character, and even so don't use it as a pretext to become everyone's worst nightmare !). Saying that, I'm planning to have some graphic depictions of violence and working in a group can sometimes create tensions (both in and out of character), so think carefully: if you're easily 'triggered', this may not be the right game for you. Basically the idea is for the players to try and cooperate and participate in creating a fun experience for everyone: we're all different in our gaming styles and real-life personalities, so if you have any questions or issues (be it about rulings, gaming quirks, or even problems with any given person's behavior etc - including mine !) feel free to address me in a Private Message and we can work it out AFTER the end of the session. Remember: communication is key !!!

Gameplay Details

We will be playing in real time but using the written word, which means you will be expected to pay attention and read the description of the action (both from the DM and other players), but also be patient when others are typing. No great skills at writing are needed, just let your imagination flow and don't feel self-conscious about your style, spelling etc... the main thing is to have fun ! I find that the slower pace of text-based gaming is balanced by the more immersive atmosphere and intricate descriptions, allowing you to explore the world and your characters' stories and motivations in depth . At the same time, the fact we do set up session schedules and play in Real Time avoids the too common occurrence of players (or DMs) suddenly ghosting the game on a whim, as often happens in slow-post text-based adventures. There will be a decent amount of challenging situations, some very gritty fighting, wilderness exploration and dungeon delving, even some urban intrigues... in short we're striving for a creative, original, open-ended but still classic D&D experience. = SAFETY TOOLS = "LINES & VEILS": players are welcomed and encouraged to discuss with the DM and warn about difficult IRL themes that can be encountered / should be avoided in-game, either before or after the sessions.

How Will Character Creation Work

- Characters start at level 5, level up through Milestone system. - Stats: Roll 4d6 choose highest 3 or 27-points buy or Standard Array. - Races and Classes allowed: almost anything from the PHB (see exceptions and notes below). IMPORTANT NOTE !!! no Dragonborns, Aasimar, or anything from the Eberron setting at campaign start Tieflings: exist but are exceedingly rare and feared. (Ideas for homebrew races and classes can be discussed with the DM. Monstrous humanoid races, Dragonborns, Aasimars, Shifters, Warforged and more will be integrated later in the campaign, as game world events unfold.) - Maximum HP + CON Modifier at level 1, then either roll or chose medium HP upon leveling. - Starting equipment: as in PHB or roll for starting gold and buy your own gear. Add EITHER 1 Uncommon Item of your choice OR 2 regular Healing Potions. BEGINNERS: if you need some help I can do a one-on-one session and walk you through character creation (free of charge)

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