Savage Worlds | Rippers: Victorian era Monster Hunters

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A party of unlikely heroes stalk the creatures that stalk the night: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and worse. You must use your wits and skills to survive, protect the innocent, and keep the existence of monsters and you...

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How to prepare

A light perusing of the rules would be nice, but teaching an unfamiliar system is woven into the fabric of how I GM

What I provide

All kinds of virtual goodies and high-detail maps and handouts from various Kickstarters

What else should you know

Dim the lights, it's gonna get spooky

Gameplay Details

The gameplay will be a lot of roleplay, investigating strange happenings or looking for weaknesses of long-dead creatures, with some socialization with the highest echelons of society mixed in. Sooner or later though, things all go pear shaped, and that's when the gloves come off and the claws come out. Non-combat characters will still be given plenty to do, and Savage Worlds ensures that everyone can contribute to every situation.

How Will Character Creation Work

I'll assist players before our first session if they have never created a character using Savage Worlds before

Players can expect







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