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-I am fully supportive of LGBT+ players and will ensure the comfort of all that decide to play. -You will get nothing less than my full attention when it comes to ensuring you have an enjoyable experience crafting and p...

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How to prepare

As long as you have a roll20 account and a general interest in D&D we can take it from there!

What I provide

My A game!

What else should you know

Nope! Just get excited to try out this brand new WOtC adventure!

Gameplay Details

I tend to be more of a 60/40 RP to Combat type of DM in my homebrew games but always try to follow the modules as they are written. Minus the one or two changes, most adventures are a great experience as written and I always try to emulate that with all my groups. Good RP and planning is always rewarded in my games, and just like some of the best RPGs you can talk or think your way out of most situations if it comes to it.

How Will Character Creation Work

I'm pretty relaxed with character creation and can go into detail on what is allowed in session 0 but generally everything is on the table as long as we get a chance to talk it over beforehand.

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