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Brave the frozen North of Faerun in this Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters level 1-12. -Explore the frontier of Icewind Dale! Maps and guides will aid you on your journey through a land of isolation, paranoia,...

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While having a basic knowledge of the rules is certainly helpful, it is not required. No downloads are required, but you will need an account on both Roll20 and Discord. D&D beyond is also really helpful for character creation and general rules look up. Particularly the new player information section here... The game will be run on Roll 20 and use Discord for voice chat. You will need to set these up before game. Other than that, you just need a Computer or Laptop able to run these applications and a functioning microphone and headphones or speakers. Roll20: Discord: I do not handle booking details after approving requests to join a game. Once you have joined my game, you are responsible for cancelling an individual session or, for leaving the campaign should you chose to do so. I do not issue refunds for missed sessions or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice as I have already done work to onboard you and prepare your place at the session. For details on managing your participation in games and avoiding charges for sessions you don't attend, please see the following link.

What I provide

I will provide all you need via Roll20

What else should you know

All play will be online. GM chat for questions will be available between sessions.

Gameplay Details

The winter seems endless, unnatural. This campaign sees the heroes trying to life a curse which has locked Icewind Dale into a deeper cold and darkness than ever before. Artifacts of an ancient city propose new dangers and if that were not enough there is a rumor of a strange dragon set to destroy the Ten Towns of Icewind dale. That said, the campaign has multiple endings and there is a lot of player choice Special features of the campaign are: wilderness survival, avalanches, blizzards, extreme cold, clothing, fishing, travel, etc.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be created in the first session. Using materials available in Roll20 and / or D&D Beyond.

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