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Enter the city of Waterdeep, the Jewel of the Sword Coast! This is an urban adventure that pits players into a bustling city of colorful characters, where cunning and charisma are just as powerful as the sharpest sword! ...

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How to prepare

I prefer that players are familiar with the rules of the game, but I will provide as many resources as possible to help players in need.

What I provide

As we're on a digital tabletop, I'll provide as many free online resources as possible.

What else should you know

Feel free to ask me as many questions as you can think of during Session Zero to make sure we all have a fun time at the table!

Gameplay Details

Dragon Heist is a freeform game that suits many styles of play. Think of it like Grand Theft Auto D&D; you can choose any piece of the alignment spectrum to pursue and you will find there is a way to succeed in each. You can choose the long game of political manipulation and subterfuge, the clandestine route of stealth and sabotage, or you can embrace chaos, swords swinging and spells blazing! Whatever your decision, the game moves at your pace.

How Will Character Creation Work

I like to create characters together with the group during Session Zero, to make sure everyone's familiar with each other and everyone assembles a party that we're all cool with.

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