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You and your posse mounted up to help a town in need. A gang known as the Wilde Eights was terrorizing the town of Wrath Downs. The Marshal was dead. Esther Pelham, owner of the local saloon had had enough. She hired you...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

We'll play on Roll20 or on Discord. I prefer to handle combat as Theater of the Mind so the game doesn't get too slowed down. No software to install. You can bring and use your own dice if you like, or use the dice roller provided in Roll20. I also prefer to use Discord for Audio. I've run this event successfully a few times on just a simple Discord Group call

What I provide

I'll have imagery to help set the various scenes, and if we play on Roll20, I'll have all the counters ready to go.

What else should you know

You get to play in the Wild West with a good dose of weird, so let's have some fun!

Gameplay Details

In this game you'll be doing some good role-playing, at least two combat encounters. There will also be a bit of investigation, but nothing too complex. The final encounter is more than just a combat, there's also a chance to do a Dramatic Task.

How Will Character Creation Work

Pre-generated characters will be provided. There's a good variety to choose from.

Players can expect







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