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The Starter Kit Module - Lost Mines of Phandelver - with a twist! More queer, disabled, and characters of color and diverse races. Run by a Dungeon_Meowster who gives PUNspiration points and runs a handful of other homeb...

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How to prepare

We will use software on these platforms. Please create logins and keep track of your credentials/use a password manager so you know where to find your info! • Roll20 (web browser) • DnDBeyond (web browser) • Beyond20 (plug-in for web browser - Chrome or Firefox) • Discord (web browser or app, app suggested) • an internet connection and a computer (or maybe a tablet but computer is way easier). Suggested resources: • use Chrome or Firefox for the web browser stuff • headphones • a microphone (could be part of your headphones) • a second monitor to make switching between DnDBeyond and Roll20 easier. • a webcam so we can see each other in discord while we play (makes it easier to read social cues and therefore more accessible) (optional) We will use my boosted Discord server for great sound quality.

What I provide

I will provide all of the maps, NPCs, and story background and setting. These are virtual assets you won’t be able to download but you should have access to the Roll20 tabletop anytime to see the last map we were on. I will supplement the module’s maps with additional maps from the various dnd mapmakers I support on Patreon.

What else should you know

House Rules Critical Roll - When you roll a natural 20 on a d20 when making an attack, all damage dice rolled are doubled (modifiers and bonuses remain the same). How Do You Want To Do This? - When dealing the final blow to the final enemy, the player dealing damage decides how the enemy dies. Lookin' Rough (formerly Bloodied) - When an enemy is approximately at half of its original health, it will "look rough" or you will receive some other indication of bloodied status. Potion Efficiency - When you would normally roll one or more dice to restore hit points with a potion, you instead use the highest number possible for each die. For example, instead of regaining 2d4+2 hit points when you consume a Potion of Healing, you regain 10 hit points. Potion Quaffing (Accelerated) - A being (player, non-player character, and/or monster) may quaff a potion for one bonus action instead of one action. This does not apply to feeding a potion to another being. Punspiration - This particular DM enjoys giving out points of inspiration for puns. Please note you can only have one PUNT of inspiration at a time (even if you are rewarded multiple).

Gameplay Details

A bit of combat, but tends to be roleplay and exploring focused. Who doesn’t want to talk to the knight in a wheelchair or notice the weapons merchant in town swooning over a fellow villager?

How Will Character Creation Work

Level 1 Characters created in DNDBeyond before the start of the session. Sample characters will be available or make your own! I can send a like to the party so you have access to the Legendary Bundle of content I’ve already paid for on DnDBeyond.

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