Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Pure Dungeon Delving in Undermountain! (Presented by Next-Level D&D)

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The Mad Mage, Halastar Blackcloak, has created an intriguing and dangerous dungeon beneath Mount Waterdeep. The denizens of this complex exist in a constant ebb and flow of conflict and equilibrium . . . Until adventure...

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A basic understanding of the rules is always helpful, but our professional DMs will guide you through each and every step. No experience is necessary. We're even available to help you create your character on DnDBeyond and link to the campaign in Roll20.

What I provide

Our DM will provide access to Roll20, a dedicated DnDBeyond campaign with Content Sharing, and a Discord server used for group voice chat during the game.

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Gameplay Details

A few days before the session, you'll receive an email with a link to a DnDBeyond campaign group. All you have to do is create a character of the appropriate level and prepare for the nightmares of Undermountain. Our DM will grant your character a few special magical items to play with during your dungeon delve, and we'll find out who can survive!

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