Call of Cthulhu | Punch a Demon (Pulp Cthulhu)

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This is the game for those of you who enjoy the spooky, mysterious and eldritch, but also enjoy shooting big guns. Ranging from the low-pulp investigative horror mystery, all the way to evil scientists with death rays, P...

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How to prepare

It is recommended that players read the Call of Cthulhu Quick-start guide, available for free at Chaosium's website. However, there are differences between regular Call of Cthulhu and Pulp Cthulhu, so it is recommended that they do not attempt to make characters themselves if not familiar with the system.

What I provide

I will provide the Call of Cthulhu Rulebook, the Pulp Cthulhu Rulebook, and the scenario we play.

What else should you know

Players should no that the game can get somewhat graphic, and should be prepared for some less-than-comfortable descriptions and incidents.

Gameplay Details

As mentioned before, a typical session of Pulp Cthulhu will reflect the desires of the players. Investigation can take a back seat to combat; or unlocking the secrets of the Mythos can be the heroes' primary interest. While roleplay tends to be a strong pillar of the system, there are scenarios which limit its impact or excluded completely. What I would recommend is a roleplay heavy and investigative scenario, with a single, large, combat encounter.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character Creation will either take place at the beginning of our session (this time will not count against our game-time) or through a short call (free of charge), the day before our session.

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