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Do you have a group of friends that you want to play D&D with? You can book a private game that will be exclusive to you and those you choose. In contrast to a public game where anyone can join this game is just for y...

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How to prepare

Each player will need to have Discord with working audio input and output. A webcam is nice too, but not required. DroidCam is a great app that turns your phone into a webcam. Each player will also need to download install Fantasy Grounds Unity, which you can obtain at The Demo (free) version is fine, as I have an Ultimate license.

What I provide

All of the core rulebooks and many optional ones will be available through D&D Beyond and Fantasy Grounds. I will provide an immersive experience utilizing everything a powerful VTT has to offer.

What else should you know

LGBTQ+ friendly. Everyone is welcome. I will not tolerate bigotry or racism of any kind. My pronouns are he/him.

Gameplay Details

Game sessions will be tailored to you and your crew. Each session may involve combat, exploration, social interactions and role-playing, mystery, adventure, and anything else you can possibly imagine. I will work with you and your group to create an exceptional gaming experience! Lots of role-playing and social interaction. Learn how to use Fantasy Grounds, play D&D, and pick up techniques to fully immerse yourself in an amazing story. Combat is tactical and fast paced. The heroes are heroes!

How Will Character Creation Work

I generally start campaigns at 1st level, using the Standard Array +4. We will work together to build and develop your characters so that you can have exactly the game and experience you want. We will use a variety of methods to flesh out your character, including the Heroic Chronicle and techniques learned and adapted from my years performing at Renaissance festivals.

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