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"Across the North of Faerûn, four different elemental cults have caused natural disasters by utilizing devastation orbs. Secretly, the cults have come together to unleash an unknown catastrophic force. These cults are de...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players will need to register for and Discord. Prior to the game I will work with each player to create their character. Knowledge of rules is helpful but not necessarily required; I am happy to help new players learn the mechanics as long as it doesn't affect the experience of the other players negatively.

What I provide

For a virtual game in a COVID environment, I can't guarantee that there will be any souvenirs. I will likely use my knowledge of the Unreal Engine to design some of the environments that we will use in the game for the purpose of cool videos or screenshots.

What else should you know

I generally restrict player-characters to the races present in the core Players Handbook, but some exceptions can be made.

Gameplay Details

I like to focus mainly on roleplay interactions, exploration, and combat (puzzles and riddles are usually sparse in games that I run but I am happy to incorporate more if the players wish). I pride myself in providing vividly detailed descriptions of environments in a way that can keep everything feeling fresh. In terms of roleplaying, it completely depends on how comfortable each player is. Want to speak in a voice with an accent? Great! More of a "my character relays this information to the group" sort of person? That's also great!

How Will Character Creation Work

Character sheets will be saved on roll20. Characters will start at level 3. I will be available to assist each player with their character creation on a one-on-one basis prior to the start of the campaign (no additional charge).

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