(PF2e) Empire of Ekadia - City of Beasts

(PF2e) Empire of Ekadia - City of Beasts

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  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Open to all

Price per player-session

About the adventure

=== Campaign Setting === Welcome to Srerk; the city of Beasts. A once glorious city that represented the Kingdom of Eraidoras. For over a hundred years, Srerk has been under the rule of the Ekadian Empire. Far from the main branches of the Empire and fully cut off from the Kingdom, Srerk has developed a struggling economy and way of life. Ever-present strife along the border keeps tensions and military presence high. Twisted ideals and corruption has led to disparity between those running the city and those trying to get by. Money has become king in the City of Beasts. Srerk has two exports that it does best; Slavery and Majkis Spice. Loose laws, diverse access to the Empire and, in part, the Kingdom has created a very valuable market for exotic slaves and unique laborers. In addition, the ecosystem and environmental factors of the surrounding landscape is the only ideal place among the Empire that can successfully grow Majkis Spice, creating a rare and sought-after need. Only two families in the region have access to producing Majkis Spice and they guard their monopoly with extreme measures. Whether you were born and raised among the city streets or visiting from afar, expect to get swept up into a morally gray campaign with a mix of political intrigue, gritty fantasy, subterfuge, exploration, and more. Will you vie for favors from those in charge or carve a path upwards from the slums? Or perhaps take part in the warring fields along the border? === World Lore === 127 years have passed since the God-Emperor, Kasian, drove the beast hordes from the empire. A terrible war that ravaged and corrupted the land with deathly magic. The empire slowly recovered, but the corruption remained, permeated within the lands. Inhospitable and rarely traveled, natural and unnatural forces slowly took over. Due to this threat, most travel has been kept strictly to the major roads for fear of what lurks beyond their safety. The major route and most densely used is The God Road; a massive, awe-inspiring stone structure, said to be created by the God-Emperor himself, that spans between the southern capital, Cerulis, and the northern capital, Novus Auris. As the main form of travel, the route is constantly bustling with caravans of all manner of wagons, carriages, and travelers. This has led some to become quite inventive and design unique carts, wagons, carriages, and more for the continuous journey; these unique vehicles can range from unique travelling housing, taverns, forges, and more. As time progressed, the magical corruption was contained by the Imperium Arcanum--the military branch of highly trained magi that act as magic enforcers and hunters. These inquisitors are dispatched across the Empire to root out magical corruption and abuse. As they were established during a great time of need, they are well respected, but also only answer to their strict hierarchy and the God-Emperor, himself. However, with the lasting peace and containment, there has been little need for Inquisitors. Their numbers slowly dwindled over time as they rarely had a need to recruit in the present days and the older Inquisitors retired or died off. In the beginning years of the peace, propaganda and stories shaded the Imperials’ views of beastmen. Many towns and cities, still riled up from the war, held extreme hatred for them. The same could be said about the beastmen who continued raiding along the border, refusing to give up. Alas, over the next 100 years, those tensions slowly subsided. Complacency and exposure brought about neutral mingling between the races. Beastmen became commonplace in the south-eastern side of the kingdom; walking among the Imperials and engaging in travel and trade. However, even in the present, the tension along the border remains thick; both sides holding their ground with military presence. Over the years, whispers, tales, and lore have bred inspiration and greed. Adventurers and treasure seekers have become more commonplace, seeking ways to breach the magically dangerous areas to recover long lost treasures and boons. While publicly discouraged by the Empire, Inquisitors and officials make no moves to stop such fool-hardy individuals unless they pose a magical threat to the Empire.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Discord access will be granted ahead of time for those that sign up. Mic is required and will be using discord for VC. FoundryVTT will be the primary VTT for rolls/visuals--server will be accessible 30mins before game start time.

What I provide

The fun times and interesting stories! Foundry Access. Discord Access. Music. Maps.

Gameplay details

Games feature predominantly RP elements with occasional combat. Plenty of room for Exploration, Growth, Challenges, and more! Campaign does contain Mature topics and content. To facilitate a safe and comfortable environment, if a scene is uncomfortable I recommend speaking up with something as simple as "X" or anything and the situation will be halted/skipped. If that feels too much, just quickly message me/drop from VC to get my attention.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

Recommend a basic character idea/backstory ahead of time that fits the campaign theme. Session 0 can hash out any details for character creation. The Pathbuilder 2e App (Google Play only) is a fantastic resource for building characters whether you are new or experienced with PF2e. Characters start at level 1 with 15gp to spend on starting equipment. Variant Rules include Dual Class and Automatic Bonus Progression. ===Restrictions=== Ancestries - Common or Uncommon allowed. (Rare ancestries/heritages are limited to 1 player per group and will only be considered if a strong backstory is provided that meets Lore expectations) Backgrounds - Common or Uncommon from General, Regional, Campaign allowed--provided they are consistent and/or applicable to backstory. Classes - Any non-playtest classes. Languages - Common only unless dictated by Ancestry. GM approval for uncommon based on backstory. Archetypes - Any non-faction-based allowed, provided you meet requirements. Feats, Items, and Spells - Common only, unless specified in listed description or GM approval.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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