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You arrive at the Port of Gence, the commercial hub of Oprelia. Since the Year of the Four Sieges violence has plagued the area. The Grand Councillor charges you with the recovery of the Horn of Plenty. Stay sharp a...

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How to prepare

Players must have a solid means of vocal communication, and the ability to play on roll20. I need, at minimum, players to have a general understanding of their classes' abilities. Help will be provided if requested. Games aren't super serious, but I expect honesty.

What I provide

I bring dice, and frivolity. I don't have much in the way of miniatures or set pieces right now, but that could change.

What else should you know

Keep in mind that playing of campaign of mine is character driven. As a DM I'll offer help and rulings. Anyone is welcome at the table. TTRPGing is something everyone can and should enjoy. Whether on roll20 or here in Ohio, I wish to create memorable experiences for you and your friends.

Gameplay Details

Typical sessions will be a mix of RP, exploration, and encounters. Some sessions though may only consist of one element. Whether it be through success, or failure I encourage my players to create their own stories within the realm. My story is told through the people that play it. Don't feel limited by a character's stats, you-the player, have control of your character's destiny.

How Will Character Creation Work

I start most campaigns with a mixer/AMA on roll20. During this time characters will be rolled in chat. This also allows players to get the best sense of the game and to clear up any issues they may have. They can discuss party dynamics at this time to balance the party out. Characters can be rolled as first level, but I also have options for fifth level and a 4/1 multiclass. This time can be separate from the first session, but if completed quickly enough we can jump right in after character creation.

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