Star Wars D6 | Panic at the Cantina (A Star Wars Story) Wisdom Save Edition!

Star Wars D6 on Roll20, Theater of the Mind

This is a short little adventure for anyone interested in getting into the Star Wars RPG (WEG D6 version)! It can be played as a One-Shot, or the intro into a full campaign! Some wacko's gone and suicide-bombed the sta...

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How to prepare

Be thinking about which character you'll want to play as; the Arrogant Noble, the Bounty Hunter, the Failed Jedi, the Gambler, the Kid, the Outlaw, the Protocol Droid, the Quixotic Jedi, the Smuggler, or the Young Senatorial!

What I provide

Everything will be provided by either myself or Roll20!

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Gameplay Details

"A guy just walked into the cantina. He stops in the middle of the floor, then opens his trench coat, revealing rows and rows of thermal detonators, all blinking and armed! He starts laughing maniacally and hits the trigger he was holding in his hand, before anyone can stop him! Now you have a ball of superheated plasma expanding in your direction! Roll Initiatives!" This is how I start this adventure off almost every time! There's no real planning, no real combat, just trying to stay one step ahead of the flaming ball of death and get off the station in time! Nothing gets a group invested into a new game faster than a sudden threat of destruction!

How Will Character Creation Work

You'll have the choice of one of ten pre-generated characters!

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