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This is a gritty game, set in the Underdark, the Upside-Down of the Forgotten Realms. In this dark, maze-like world you will find races who have made their homes away from the light of day and creatures that could destro...

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How to prepare

Each player should create free accounts on and prior to the first game. Every player should also plan to play on a computer with Google Chrome, as virtual tabletops don't always work well on other browsers.

What I provide

I will be providing a Pro Account on so we can experience the world with dynamic lighting and interactive maps. I will also send out links to shared websites with playlists we can listen to together for those who enjoy the background music & ambiance as they play (please use headphones if you plan to listen to the music to avoid feedback!). I also have a professional Zoom account and will send out a link each game if players have the ability to play via webcam. I will also be preparing everything about the world and bringing lots of danger and fun to the table each week! I bring the world so you can bring your creativity!

What else should you know

I like to use voices and role play during games because this is a role-playing game and not just a video game. I encourage players to do the same to the extent that they feel comfortable. I often do a mixture of homebrewed content in my games as well, as I enjoy drawing on each character's specific backstory to make them feel more a part of this world we are creating. I also have a few simply house rules that I typically use because it makes the game more fun and exciting - I believe that story is more important than rules and I am more interested in having fun as a group than arguing over rules. I will not pause for a long time to debate rules - if it takes more than 30 seconds, I'll likely just make a judgement call. Finally, our games run off the honor system when it comes to rolls. Failure can be just as fun as success at times, so please be sure you are prepared to play with honesty!

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be created together during the first session of game play. I am open to a wide range of character races and classes from published materials. If your hope is to pull from unpublished works or homebrew, you may also contact me privately so we can discuss options. Characters will be starting at 1st level, but will likely level up fairly quickly at first. No experience is necessary. I will assist any players with character creation that need the help! Characters will be created using Standard Array or Point Buy to ensure that all players are on even footing.

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