Dungeons & Dragons 5e | One-Shot Dungeon Crawl: Lost Dungeon Of Rickedness

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In this game, I will guide you through a "Rick & Morty" style dungeon crawl! This adventure can be played as a single session or we can schedule additional slots for the completionists. This is a great, fun-filled game f...

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How to prepare

You can literally drop in at any point and work through this, so your pre-game prep is VERY low. Players will need to have/create a Roll20 account and join the game (a direct link inviting you to the game will be provided). If the Roll20 audio/video broadcasting servers will suffice, we will use roll20 for maps, dice rolls, video, and audio communication. If it is glitching or inconsistent (this typically happens on weekend games due to a high volume of players online), we will move audio/video to Discord. Both servers offer free memberships, and I will happily set up a test appointment so we can troubleshoot before your session begins to ensure you get the most play time possible.

What I provide

I will provide the adventure (including the story, maps, voice acting and gentle nudges to role play), an in-game tutorial of how to use Roll20 and how to play D&D 5E (if needed), and will help players navigate the encounters featuring content from "The Lost Dungeon Of Rickedness."

What else should you know

This adventure contains inappropriate jokes and crude humor, but that does not excuse us from following the "be a good person" (my words) Code Of Conduct that you agreed to when you created your account with Let's keep that "plays well with others" badge securely attached to your persona, mmkay?

Gameplay Details

We will jump right into this dungeon-crawl and just take it one room at a time.

How Will Character Creation Work

The game has 5 pre-generated characters to choose from, and the character you would like to play should be selected before the game. If you'd like to deviate from the norm, please let me know so we can plan appropriately--I won't force you to be a pre-gen if you don't want to be one, but we will need a somewhat balanced party to get through as much of this adventure as possible.

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