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These Official Adventurer's League D&D 5e one-offs are from Wizards of the Coast and work alongside their major works from seasons 1-9! (Tyranny of Dragons, Elemental Evil, Rage of Demons, Curse of Strahd, Storm Kings Th...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Mic (webcam optional), Dice (physical or virtual), character sheets (physical or virtual), something for note taking (optional), an Adventurer's League record keeping sheet (I can provide it if you can't find one online), and readiness for a roaring good time.

What I provide

Anything you don't have I will probably be able to provide, so just ask!

What else should you know

I do games for all ages, so please make me aware of the age group I'll be DM-ing for prior to starting a game.

Gameplay Details

Setting up the game will be over video call. I normally use Foundry Virtual Tabletop with moving pieces to bring life to the game; we would set this up prior to the session. I am also versed in playing the old fashioned way where I vividly describe what's happening and you let your imagination run wild. If you need help setting up a character, we'll be doing so via D&D Beyond, so make sure you have an account and I can walk you through it no problem! If you have a physical character sheet, that's no problem either.

How Will Character Creation Work

I run 2-4 hour encounters with any characters ranging from levels 1 - 15. If you need assistance building a character, no problem! We'll do so on D&D Beyond ( If you already have a character ready to go via D&D Beyond, or a physical character sheet then you're ready to get started.

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