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Even the gods are bound by oaths and prophecies... At the dawn of time, a war between gods and titans left the landscape of Thylea forever changed. Thousands of years later, the first mortals arrived, carried by ship an...

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How to prepare

A microphone and discord account is the bare minimum needed to talk with me. There is a free world primer available on Drive-thru RPG that you can memorize for all I care but reading the one-page primer in it labeled Chapter 6: Thylea World Primer really helps you understand the basics of the world.

What I provide

I will have everything set for you including maps, character tokens, monsters, mystery, hard choices and scary villains.

What else should you know

I've run this game a number of times and every time there have been for people who have never heard of the world. After the first session or two, they have all fell in love with at least one of the following the characters, the world or the adventure. I'm sure you will to.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

I'd like to run a free session 0 to make characters and talk about any lines or veils that I need to be aware of. I will help you set up a sheet in Roll20 if you would like. You will be picking a fourth item in character creation called and Epic Path that will set some treasure, story beats, and powers that you will experience in the game. Each of them are set to a different type of Greek myth and can be tailored to your wishes.

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