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Gumshoe, Night's Black Agents on Roll20

There is a secret group within the government that doesn’t want you to know what’s in the Dracula Dossier. Their agents don’t want you to know about their attempts to recruit a powerful asset in Romania at the end of the...

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How to prepare

Players should have a microphone and webcam, plus accounts on and Discord. Owning the Night’s Black Agent’s rules is not in any way mandatory, though certainly helpful. Players will have access to a pdf of an Unredacted copy of Dracula, and any spy movies you want to watch, or vampire movies, will only help put you in the right mindset.

What I provide

For this Night's Black Agent's campaign there will be many, many virtual handouts. I plan to have detailed maps for crucial scenes, and appropriate music. Many of the mechanical bits will be handled by the Roll20 VTT, But I want to do what I can to make it a special experience.

What else should you know

Especially in games like this with mature and graphic themes, I place a big emphasis on consent and safety at the virtual table. We'll spend some time in a Session Zero talking about safety and getting familiar with tools to use if emotional bleed is happening, and to get familiar with each other.

Gameplay Details

Night’s Black Agents, the GUMSHOE system that drives the Dracula Dossier, is well suited to a game of investigation and cinematic action. GUMSHOE divides the business of investigation from the business of acting on that information. The active stuff, a character’s General Abilities are the only skills that are rolled and points from the ability pool can influence the roll. Investigative Abilities aren’t rolled: if you have an appropriate ability you get the information, period. Not getting the clues doesn’t happen in Night’s Black Agents, but using the clues to form a coherent picture is up to the players. Cinematic action mixed with suspense and horror is the feel the game goes for. Even highly trained specialists aren’t really safe, nor are any of the people connected to them. Worse, the more you find out about this conspiracy, the more danger you’ll be in. Solving mysteries and high stakes combat is the main thrust of the game (find the vampires, kill the vampires), but exotic locations and exploring them will also come up as well.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters for the Dracula Dossier should be created as a team, to minimize redundancy and to build cohesion as a group. We’ll get together for a Session Zero to build our burned spies, get to know one another, and set ground rules for how we’ll deal with the mature subjects we are bound to run across. Having a character idea before Session Zero is fine, but be prepared to be influenced by the other players.

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