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You live in the shadows. Maybe you were a spy, before you got burned or turned or just plain burnt out. A criminal, perhaps. A mercenary. Or maybe you once tried to bring secrets into the light — you might have been a jo...

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How to prepare

There is no prep needed! Make sure you install Zoom.Us, you can join the Roll20 App for the music playlist and die rolls, but it is not required.

What I provide

I can provide discount vouchers for 20% off any Night's Black Agents product!

What else should you know

This is a safety first table! We make use of several safety tools to help curate play. This game deals with mature themes such as vampiric mesmerism, combat, gunplay, and deceit.

Gameplay Details

Night's Black Agents is an investigative vampire spy thriller. You start with action, embark on a wild investigation, and then lead up to a final confrontation. Gameplay is fast, player characters are highly competent, and you are the stars of the show.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will select pre-generated characters.

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