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"Heed my words struggler Soon, a reign of blood the likes of which you cannot imagine shall fall down upon you, it will be a storm of death But take heed struggler; struggle, endure contend; for that alone is the sword o...

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How to prepare

Make an account on and download the voice-chat software, Discord.

What I provide

I'll handle all the logistics of running the campaign via Roll20, which includes a digital dice-roller, maps, and digital character tokens. I will also provide a Discord server for us to use.

What else should you know

All campaigns will be run digitally through Roll20 and using the voice-chat software, Discord.

Gameplay Details

Each night the players will travel the lands searching for reprieve from their nightly struggle for survival, never staying in one place for too long, for evil is always right on their tail. Never resting at night, for that is when their war wages. The party will come up with ways to fend off hoards of demons, devils, and undead each night that come to claim their souls- and occasionally must deal with the depravity and desperation of man wherever they seek refuge during the day. Large amounts of combat, clever planning, and fleeing for your lives will be a nightly endeavor. During the days you will investigate the evils that so clearly have their fangs in this putrid, corrupt world, in order to find and destroy the demons that branded you- so that you may one day end the curse that plagues you each night and eventually find rest.

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