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"You have arrived, thank you for your patience on the Mother ship. Please do your best to survive." -Prerecorded voice on touch down on the Haven planet. Over a century ago you left with others for the stars on a Mo...

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How to prepare

Make sure you have a roll20 and discord accounts. Both are free to use. In addition I will ask for any lines or veils you may have to build a safe environment to play in.

What I provide

I will bring both a assembled Roll20 scenario , maps and character sheets as need. As well as access to my discord server which has members that have played in games I have run. Since cypher is not a overly tactical game, combat will likely be theater of the mind. Safety mechanics, such as lines and veils will be in place. These will be shared anonymously for peoples comfort.

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How Will Character Creation Work

Pregens will be available. If you have some experience and want to make a starting character, then get in touch with me to submit the character.

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