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set the fictional city of paradigm where super heroes and villains are real, and they are an incredibly profitable market: meta humans comprise not just our saviors, but also our celebrities and athletes. you might see ...

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How to prepare

i'll need you to have a discord or roll20 account (both would be preferable) and i'll need you to have a microphone to be able to communicate with me. if you have a pregenerated character i will of course need to see your sheet to make sure everything is put together and ready for action.

What I provide

i have the books of course, and will be ready to share. i'll also have dice bots on the server for us to use and i'll have music to add ambience to our game

What else should you know

my game days and hours are flexible, please if a better time and day works for you let me know! and also, as always, have fun!

Gameplay Details

mutants and masterminds is a d20 system that's pretty easy to figure out. any check that will be required is just a d20. there's a very open system to build practically anything you want, whether it's a wizard supreme, a crazy man with a utility belt or a nano colony that turns people into unicorns. if you haven't already, look for my mutants and masterminds 101 crash course on the site to show you how easy it is (IT'S FREE!)

How Will Character Creation Work

pregenerated characters are accepted, so long as i can look it over and approve it. we ideally would build characters together to establish character connections but i will also have premade characters ready to go if you just want to dive right in to it.

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