Mutants and Masterminds (3e) | Mutants and Masterminds 101: So You Want to Be A Super Villain?

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Hi! This is a guide to playing mutants and masterminds 3rd edition. It’s character creation is very open ended and you can make pretty much anything. I’ll guide you through character creation, teach you how to build yo...

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How to prepare

this is a introduction game so don't worry about going over the rules, i'll teach them to you. i will need you to have either a roll20 or discord account (i would prefer both) and a microphone so we can communicate with each other as this game will be online.

What I provide

i will have the books, character sheets and dice bots ready to go!

What else should you know

this is just an intro so don't sweat the details. we're just here learn and have fun!

Gameplay Details

mutants and masterminds is a d20 system with a lot of variety to its character creation. i'll go through a step by step guide to teaching you how to build what you want. dice mechanics, the only thing you'll ever roll is a d20, but believe me theres a lot of ways that the dice can be used for.

How Will Character Creation Work

it is a point buy system with a cap on the power levels. the standard character is power level 10, and that gives everyone a variety of options in how you want to build something with room to improve. i'll guide you through the process, build something from scratch. or we can go through the questionnaire in the book to build something based off of your answers. pre gens are also fine, and i'll have some ready to go if you're just wanting to see if we're a good fit.

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