Indie TTRPG | MÖRK BORG - ROTBLACK SLUDGE Black Metal Dungeon Crawl

Indie TTRPG on Discord, Zoom

Rotblack Sludge: The Shadow King's Lost Heir is a dungeon crawl that is never the same twice! You'll laugh, you'll fight, you hold on tight... to your very soul as we likely churn through more than one character on a que...

Don't see a time that works for you?

Additional Details

How to prepare

Listen to the heaviest heavy metal music you can find.

What I provide

I'll set up a bespoke graphic treatment video overlay for Zoom, link to backgrounds for your video feeds, and my own props and costumes. With the agreement of all players we may record and share the game session video privately.

What else should you know

Every time I've run MÖRK BORG it has been an absolute riot of fun. Let's end the world together!

Gameplay Details

MÖRK BORG is a surpassingly simple system that fits on one sheet of paper, using d20s against a difficulty. The players create characters fast in an online tool, those characters die, and then the players make more! Wicked and weird magic is at play, with all sorts of strange powers, terrifying and absurd monsters and even a heart-tugging tragic moment or two.

How Will Character Creation Work

We'll use an online tool to make 3 and pick 1, and save the other two for later!

Players can expect







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