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This game is for players who want a very freeform game where everything goes. The sessions often spiral out of control with weird references, cooky storylines and fun social and combat encounters. Due to the freeform nat...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

No preperation is needed, But comming up with an idea for what you want to play is always encouraged. One could also read the characters beforehand.

What I provide

I will prep the scenario, but most of the game is freehand and improv due to the nature of the game.

What else should you know

Since the game is pretty freeform, this is not for any player who does not enjoy randomness, memes and jokes.

Gameplay Details

Monster of the week uses very simple mechanics that are easy to pick up. Creating characters is very easy and requires very little time. The game is mostly freeform, so anything goes as long as it makes sense and the player can explain it. The rolls will determin your success

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation is very simple and involves picking a class, each class has an easy to fill sheet that we go through. We'll pick some attacks, special powers and in the end, the option will be there to replace your inate magic with a special type of magic.

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