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Welcome to Monster Hunter In Monster Hunter, the player takes the role of a Hunter. Slaying or trapping large monsters across various landscapes as part of quests given to them by the locals. As part of its core gameplay...

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How to prepare

Amellwind's Guide to Monster hunting is a PDF that will be usefull to play but you do not need it.

What I provide

Your enthusiasm to play a Monster Hunter themed campaign.

What else should you know

I am new to DM'ing online, so please be patient with me

Gameplay Details

What is different? The biggest difference between your standard D&D game and a Monster Hunter styled D&D game is the equipment and magical items. In a standard D&D game, players are rewarded as they travel through their game by finding magical equipment or purchasing it from a magic shop. Monster Hunter is a high magic setting game, but magical armor, weapons, and other items that do not have a limited amount of uses do not exist in the world though. Instead you gain materials from hunting creatures, gathering resources, or finding a merchant who offers materials for a cost. These materials provide magical effects that you slot into your weapons, armor, and trinkets to gain some type of magical benefit.

How Will Character Creation Work

I use D&D Beyond for character creation with my available source books and home brew options.

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