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Quest is a retreat from your worries and obligations. It’s a chance to sit down with your friends and spend quality time with each other. Together, you’ll go on a thrilling journey in a fantastic world of your shared i...

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How to prepare

To learn more about the rules of Quest, visit, or even buy the digital version of the game! The physical book and cards are beautiful but costly, so that is up to you. I don't have my own copies yet.

What I provide

I will bring the adventure, knowledge of the rules, and creative ideas for how things shake out at each turn of the story.

What else should you know

The tone of this game is up to us as a group, but the rules and adventure premise do steer it in a soft, Adventure Time or Ghibli-esque direction, so please be ready to embrace that!

Gameplay Details

Quest doesn't have any unique character stats; Instead, everyone is on equal footing with unique abilities to suit their role in the adventuring party. We'll be using the quick-start abilities for the roles in this session. Actions with an inherent risk of failure are resolved with a single d20 roll to see how lucky your character is in that moment! This determines if you experience Triumph, Success, Tough Choice, Failure, or Catastrophe.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation is as simple as: [1] Choosing a unique role from, then [2] Completing the Character Profile from We will co-ordinate this with the other players prior to the session to ensure everyone has a different role to play. Everyone begins this session with 10 Hit Points and 10 Adventure Points.

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