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The town of Oallhelm is small and remote – for years they’ve been prosperous, peaceful, and self-sufficient. That's why it was such a surprise when the hobgoblin Thetch Blindeye led a war band of goblins into town and st...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Will need to be able to run discord and roll 20 on your computer. Players will create their character before the session and enter it into roll 20.

What I provide

Will bring pregens, but it is better to have your own character.

What else should you know

Any questions you can contact DM at

Gameplay Details

Players will explore the town center which has been overrun with goblins and try to stop their invasion.

How Will Character Creation Work

Create 2nd level characters using either the standard array or point buy. Any standard race or class option. You should enter your character in roll20 if possible, but if you need help contact the DM.

Players can expect







Experience Level


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