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Within the halls of Neverwinter, a madness had been stirring, entrancing the populace to acts of depravity and mayhem. For weeks, it had been contained, but now no longer. The Madness, as it is known, has captured the pe...

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How to prepare

Players should have some basic core knowledge of how to operate Roll20, and if they have none, it will be provided in a session 0 tutorial. There will be a full 2-hour session 0 to cover every topic that can be addressed in regards to rules, code of conduct, and expectations as a Dungeon Master and as a Player.

What I provide

I will be making maps by hand in most scenarios through Inkarnate, and Dynamic Lighting will be provided through Roll20.

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

Each session will follow a format of progression based on the actions taken by the party in the previous session. Action in terms of combat, stealth, roleplay, or other solutions to challenges will be based on the choices of the party. Combat will not be ignored, however, and some interactions will involve combat which cannot be bypassed without subduing your enemies. A character who is fleshed out with major motivations for adventuring is paramount, but they must also be willing to defend themselves from the evils of the world in some capacity. Combat will be detailed, yet streamlined, and roleplay will include rolls to change dispositions of NPCs if need be. Each session I give a pre-cap of what I intend to happen in the session, if combat is expected, and what content I was able to implement fully into the game.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be created at level 5, in order to provide a full experience of experienced adventurers tackling a problem that is beyond the common man. A session 0 will be held, and I will work with each individual player to try to craft a full backstory that works for them, that fits the setting, and most importantly makes them happy. I will work extensively with each player to answer any questions they may have, and to make sure that their ideas fit the setting and that their goals for character growth and failure will be met in equal spades.

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