Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Madness Maze

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Zoom

New to Dungeons and Dragons? This one-shot is specifically designed to teach you the ropes and give you the skills to be a well-equipped player for D&D 5e. Madness Maze takes place in an open-setting, so don't worry abo...

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How to prepare

Please download Zoom with a working webcam if you do not already have it. Also, please start an account with D&D Beyond as well as Roll20. It will save time in the long run. I would also highly recommend downloading Beyond20, as this program integrates D&D Beyond and Roll20, but this is not mandatory. Lastly, you do not need to have knowledge of the rules of D&D 5e before we play.

What I provide

Everything on my side will be provided on Zoom and Roll20. Maps and NPCs will be provided via Roll20 and additional characters will be provided via D&D Beyond.

What else should you know

Come in with an open heart and an open mind and let's play!

Gameplay Details

This is a game for beginners only, so we jump right into exploring and combat right after a brief explanation of the rules.

How Will Character Creation Work

Your characters will start off at 3rd level and we will progress from there. You may either create your own characters beforehand or I can create pre-generated characters for you before you play.

Players can expect







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