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This is an adaptation for Old SChool Rules / OSRIC / AD&D of the classic Slavelords module series. As we're going back to the roots of D&D, we will operate with a pretty classic set-up, both designed to recall the old...

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How to prepare

All players will need an account on Discord, internet connection and a working microphone. If you wish to have access to the OSRIC or AD&D 1e rules, I can provide you with a digital copy (in pdf format). Basic knowledge of the rules and VTTs previous to game day will be useful but not obligatory.

What I provide

I will prepare the session to the best of my abilities, including atmospheric sounds and illustrations, battlemaps etc. If needed I can provide you with a choice of portraits / tokens for your character before the game.

What else should you know

- Veteran Players, remember this is an introductory session: help the new players and be patient with each-other. - as part of the LINES & VEILS and OPEN DOOR policies, if any player needs to stop the game or is feeling uncomfortable / offended by anything that happens during the session, said-person is absolutely welcome to send me a Private Message, even and especially during game time. WARNING: I will respect your privacy and will not prod into anyone's reasons for doing so, and I will demand the same courtesy from the rest of our players. However, because of this I must point out: please be responsible ! Do not abuse this rule and use it ONLY in case of major personal discomfort. - DM DECIDES ON SYSTEM RULES. Any other question about game rules or anything else is absolutely welcome during game time, however once I as DM declare a ruling, there will be no in-session discussion or nagging, rules-lawyering, complaining, etc : remember the classic DM motto 'My Game, My Rules'. Respect my judgement and trust that I will try to be as fair and flexible as possible ! (of course, feel free to go back on difficult points of ruling and other problematics AFTER the session's end, when we will all have time to discuss things... and I may admit I was wrong THEN ! Lol. Main thing is not to let discussion on points of ruling break game immersion.)

Gameplay Details

We will be using Discord for voice and FOUNDRY VTT to have our characters exploring a traditional dungeon map. Expect a classic start for a classic old-school campaign: the characters will start at Level 2 and progress through a story arc inspired from Basic Rules and AD&D published adventure series, with a personal twist from thy DM... of course. (-; SAFETY TOOLS: Tools like 'Lines & Veils' will be implemented during Session Zero, with reiterated check-ins during the campaign whenever needed. Further safety / communicational methods can be added according to players' needs.

How Will Character Creation Work

- Characters will start at level 2. - I can provide pre-generated characters for those who wish to use them. - 2 different methods for rolling your stats will be explained in our Discord server. No Point Buy ! - I will accompany your character creation if you feel the need to prepare one beforehand (see 'Session 0' below). SESSION 0 / NEW PLAYERS: I can provide a pre-game session (usually known as Session Zero) - if you enter in mid-campaign this can happen a few days previous to the next session, so that those who wish to can become familiar both with Foundry use and the old-school AD&D rules and/or choose/create their character. Please if interested send me a message here on the site or contact me (add friend) on Discord AshDrunbar#3628 at least 72 hours before game day.

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