Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Lost Mines of Phandelver Randomized: Phandalin 101 (LMoP intro for beginners)

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I want to get more experience running games virtually so enjoy this for free as I get myself in gear. Think of this campaign as a highly adaptable setting stripped to bare elements and different every time; a sandbox rog...

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How to prepare

Access to a copy of the PHB or equivalent basic rules PDF. Internet access and some device (preferably computer) to communicate and play through: Discord is generally my go-to barebones. A desire to learn, play up a role and imagine how you'd interact with events your party deals with.

What I provide

I bring my knowledge and experience and many adventure and source books (official and homebrew, some mine and most credited to others). A whole system of gameplay with random tables, characters, customization options. As I grow this operation I plan to make 3D or 2D cinematic vignettes available to recap sessions, but at the moment I have neither the time nor an adequate computer set up to be so ambitious.

What else should you know

I am extra inclusive so be as respectful as you would want to be treated. Please respect pronouns and individual requests (in private is an option) to avoid taboo subjects and themes. This is entirely virtual for the foreseeable future and I want everyone to feel comfortable while we fantasize about places beyond our physical and mental barriers.

Gameplay Details

I always enjoy majority roleplay, but I play every NPC so you are not expected to do voices as well, don't feel intimidated. It's all for fun and no one will be penalized for making the "wrong" choice; the group will decide ahead of time what experience ought to be expected. Adventuring puzzles are pretty light and more so focused on battle tactics over riddles and logic. Combat will be significant and instructional but snappy so no one feels bored outside of their turns This campaign template is fully flexible to get wrapped up in a session or two or last ten or more; entirely encased in Phandalin and the mining operation or expanding to cities, towns, forest and mountains surrounding the adventure beyond tenth level. Shorter and sweet allow me flexibility so a price may be introduced if a long-form campaign is desired.

How Will Character Creation Work

I have many templates for characters (mostly available to start lvl 1-5) which will be made available to choose from: NPCs made available as PCs Starter Set pre-generated characters Some enemies available to redeem as PCs Sidekicks of all shapes and sizes for small parties

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