Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Lost Mine of Phandelver | An intro game for newcomers

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Foundry VTT

A Dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker is looking for a caravan guard to transport his supplies from Neverwinter down the High Road to the rock and tumble town of Phandalin. Journeying through these roads is known to be a dang...

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How to prepare

Have your The Forge and Discord accounts setup. Join our Discord server and The Forge game world. Prepare any questions you might have about the game or so.

What I provide

Great fun, lots of prep, full-color maps, compendium content , cool modules and features built into our VTT, and eagerness to teach you this amazing game.

What else should you know

Nothing else, hopefully we'll be playing together soon!

Gameplay Details

CWs: Pillaging; Kidnap; Slavery; Family death Players will be provided with an anonymous consent form to avoid undesirable topics. In game, we'll use a deck of safety cards explained during session zero.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will be using the adventure's pregenerated characters to take time off of character creation and put it into learning the ropes of the game and easily creating an immersive story that really involves each character personally. We can take some time during session zero to make small changes to these characters if you so desire.

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