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This game is open to all experience levels, just scaled differently to fit the themes and pacing for teens. This session is designed as a series of inter-connected one-shots, but can be expanded into a campaign if the pl...

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How to prepare

Get an account on D&D Beyond, and download Discord. I'll send an invite prior to the game so we can play on our own private Discord server.

What I provide

I will bring dice (for my own secret rolls), the world, maps, illustrations, monsters, battle maps, markers, etc. I will take care of everything else.

What else should you know

I prefer online sessions because I have everything set up here in my home studio to do so. HOWEVER, if you prefer I come to your location, that is perfectly acceptable. We can discuss that, and make further arrangements, costs, etc.

Gameplay Details

You should already have a character built at 5th level using D&D Beyond. (It's really simple!) If you don't want to do that, then I will assign you one of my pre-made characters. From there, we will jump right into the adventure. The primary purpose of this campaign is to learn the basics of the game, learn that making mistakes is okay and part of life, and to have FUN in cooperation with others.

How Will Character Creation Work

You should build out your character on D&D Beyond prior to the game. If you don't want to do that, or don't have time, that's fine!! You can use one of the characters I've built.

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Open To All

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