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The Living World is a project that I have been working on for several years, that allows players to help create the world they are going to be playing in! With The Living World, players will help create the continent t...

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How to prepare

Players should have a general understanding of the game, although a firm grasp of the rules is not required. Players will need an account on Discord, Roll20, and If you would like to use real dice instead of virtual ones, you will also need those available.

What I provide

-Access to all game resources -Pro Account on D&D Beyond so that you can utilize all those tools without having to buy them! -Map making software to custom craft a complete map of your new continent for you! -Discord server with useful bots integrated for maximum player convenience and ambient music during sessions -Over a decade of running games and creation put into my game world -A group of artists that I have partnered with to help you get art of your characters if you want it!

What else should you know

I am very excited to work with you to make sure that your next game is a truly unique experience that you will remember forever!

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How Will Character Creation Work

During the Civilization phase of the campaign, characters will be made on These characters will be made together, but it is helpful if you have an idea of what sort of character you would like to play!

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