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Let's build a 5e D&D campaign and play through all the way. We'll start with a brainstorming session, in the vein of something like Microscope and build our world from the bottom up. From there we'll play through level...

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How to prepare

Ideally all players will have a decent grasp of the rules of D&D and during our first session we'll roll up PC's as we go, depending on how the group wishes to engage with the world we build.

What I provide

I have copies of most of the current 5e books and can assist in supplying help where needed. I also bring a good attitude and a willingness to be available to talk and help out when and wherever needs be.

What else should you know

We'll be playing online using Skype and Roll20 so having those will help greatly. For the collaboration session we'd probably use Google Drive and set up a dedicated email/google document that we can all work on and share.

Gameplay Details

A typical session will run as a standard 5e D&D game. In our initial session we'll go over what kind of campaign you and te group are interested in and build our. sessions around that.

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