Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition | Legends of the five rings 5th edition 101: the topaz championship

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honor is stronger than steel. to the samurai of rokugan one of the most important moments of your life is the gempukku ceremony; the rite passage that makes a child into an adult and into a full fledged samurai of thei...

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How to prepare

i'll need you to have a mic, a discord account and a roll20 account. going over the rules would be great, but not necessary as this is an introduction game and i'll be guiding you through it.

What I provide

i will bring dice bots, maps, character sheets and pregens, as well as music to add atmosphere.

What else should you know

have fun!

Gameplay Details

legends of the five rings is a game of political drama and deadly combat. your understanding of the code of bushido will be tested and courtly intrigues abound with every die roll changing the course of the game. its very roleplay heavy, with combat being frighteningly lethal, ending in maybe a round or two. because of this i tend to hombrew a few rules to give people a bit of a better shot so they don't die to some deranged peasant with a pitchfork. unless that's the kind of game you want.

How Will Character Creation Work

character creation is an involved process dealing with a questionnaire; your answers changing much of your character as you develop. i'll also have pregenerated characters if you wish to dive in and just start playing. also, and this is of significant importance, if someone wishes to create a scorpion clan member DO NOT OPENLY SAY SO. message me in private and we can come up with a cover id (trust me this has always been a lot of fun)

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