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The Excellents princess roleplaying on Roll20, Zoom

IT'S TIME TO PRINCESS UP! You’ve earned a sword! You’ve won a crown! Now you have a responsibility to help keep Awesome World awesome and safe. Are you PRINCESS enough?! Oh...did we mention the Princesses are in a band?...

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How to prepare

No need to read the rules or create characters. However, it is probably a good idea to start thinking of what you want to be the Princess of prior to the session as to not be put on the spot! This will be played on ROLL20 so you will need an account.

What I provide

We will come prepared with some basic adventures, a digital version of the character sheets and The Excellents Roll20 pack.

What else should you know

In The Excellents you are a PRINCESS regardless of gender. Players will be asked their pronouns and the pronouns must be respected by the GM and all players.

Gameplay Details

Overall game play is mostly non-violent, cozy and cooperative. Everyone playing is a princess of something because they are the most excellent at that ONE THING! The players do some planning together but nothing is required before the session and full character creation and episode creating are typically finished within 30 minutes. The Excellents uses the POLYMORPH system which is a new and simple roleplaying system. It is a one die per player system focusing on your character being better at some stat rolls than others. You can play as The Magical One d4, The Brainy One d6, The Charming One d8 or The Tough One d10. Players only have to roll THEIR die and want to roll in the range of numbers of the GM's chosen stat (example: A BOOKS roll requires a 2 or 3, so the Magical One is very good at using books and the Brainy One is pretty good at using books while the Tough One isn't so good at BOOKS rolls.). A typical experience would be helping a friend plan a big party and running into zany obstacles along the way. Maybe BREAD PRINCESS needs to use their baguette sword or throw some garlic knots from their crown to sop up all the sauce blocking your way! Maybe EDM PRINCESS needs to lay down some sick beats to keep the party rocking! Maybe STICKER PRINCESS needs to whip out their label maker sword to label all the snacks with nuts to avoid allergic reactions by the guests!

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation happens during the play session. Playing on Roll20, there will be a character sheet provided to fill out. It is very quick (typically 5-10 minutes for all players) and does not require any prior knowledge of the game or system. There are no levels in The Excellents.

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