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You’ve been hired to escort needed supplies to the town of Phandalin, but the job turns sour and you begin to feel there’s much more going on. What waits for you in the wilderness along the Triboar Trail? Learn to play ...

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How to prepare

Please have Zoom installed for teleconferencing. I’ll be sending out the link the day before our game starts. Create an account on if you don’t yet have one. We’ll create characters together, but if you have ideas what you’d like to play that’s welcome! Even if all you have is a name. Feel free to create an account on to save your character. If you have access to installing browser plugins, we’ll make use of the Beyond 20 plugin to tie D&D Beyond to the virtual table top. Feel free to download that beforehand at Otherwise, everything else will be done via the web.

What I provide

I’ll have digital maps, music, and monster tokens at the ready.

What else should you know

I’m looking forward to teaching you and writing an amazing story together!

Gameplay Details

This is part one of the four-part adventure “Lost Mines of Phandelver”. An introductory session, we’ll start from square one and build characters together in D&D Beyond then we’ll discuss important concepts and basic gameplay. Finally, we’ll log in together into a custom VTT (virtual table top) and I’ll show you how to use your new characters on the interactive map. From there, we’ll start the adventure! You can expect exploration, combat, and a chance to show off the skills that make your character unique. We’ll go slow to start so there’s plenty of time to ask questions. In subsequent games, we’ll pick up the pace and jump right into action as we journey to discover the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

How Will Character Creation Work

We start the session with new players getting a walkthrough of character creation and gameplay using D&D Beyond. All players will have a Level One character at the start of gameplay.

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