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About the adventure

Centuries ago, an alliance of dwarves, gnomes, and humans shared a rich mine in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave, using its immense magical power to create the Forge of Spells and manufacture incredible magic items. The cavern and its wonders were lost to an invasion of orcs when they brought evil mercenary wizards to aid in their conquest of the mine and Forge. There was an intense and magically ferocious battle which, according to legend, destroyed much of the cave and killed nearly everyone involved. The exact location of Wave Echo Cave has been lost ever since. There have always been treasure-seekers and opportunists in the area surrounding the town of Phandalin, as everyone knows that's where Wave Echo Cave is ... even if no one has set foot in it for five hundred years. The Rockseeker brothers seem to think they've found the entrance to the fabled cave, but there are other factions operating in the region who would love to find it first. You're heading to Phandalin for your own reasons, but when the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker asked you to bring a wagonload of supplies so he could ride on ahead with urgent business, you figured a little extra coin couldn't hurt. What could go wrong?

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You will need the Fantasy Grounds Unity software, which is a free download available at You don't need to buy anything - I have the Ultimate license, which means my players only need the free Demo. Make sure you've installed and updated at least the day before your session. You will also need Discord, available at It's possible to use the browser-based interface, but using the Desktop client is recommended. You can also use the mobile app if you prefer, but I do require the use of Push-To-Talk, which doesn't work as well on mobile devices (trust me, I've tried it and it's problematic). As we will be utilizing voice chat, you'll need some kind of microphone and either headphones or speakers (whatever is built-in on your device may be sufficient - it's what I started with). Video is optional - while it can help with non-verbal cues, I personally won't be using a camera and don't expect my players to. But you're more than welcome to share your video feed if you like. Make sure you have a dedicated, distraction-free space set aside for game sessions. Excessive background noise (and motion, if you're sharing video) is distracting, and constant interruptions by others at your end is, frankly, rude. I understand that you may have pets or family (particularly young children) who may need attention during a game session and occasionally, that’s fine, but we cannot have you constantly interrupted or distracted while we play or I may need to ask you to leave so the others can productively continue.

What I provide

I have an Ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds Unity (so you don't need to buy anything), the core D&D5e books, and most of the WotC supplements in FG format. I'm happy to teach new players and new-to-FG players.

Gameplay details

Gameplay: This is one of Wizards of the Coast's introductory campaigns. As such, it attempts to showcase all three "pillars" of the game: Exploration, Social Interaction, and Combat. Most people, myself included, tend to focus on the Combat part of the game, but all three are fun. We'll focus on whatever the group wants, really, and we can discuss it either in Session 0 or as it comes up as we play. Content Warnings: Beyond the expected "fantasy violence" warning, I prefer to run a clean, family-friendly game (think PG-13-ish), but this doesn't mean I need you to clean up your language. It does mean that topics like torture and sexual violence are out of bounds, and that I won't be getting too graphic with descriptions of combat gore. Some of the modules I run may touch on slavery (as in, there may be one or more NPCs described as "slavers" that the PCs will be asked to interact with), but it's not a topic I intend to bring up often. Safety Tools: I will be using the X-Card style of safety tool so players can anonymously let the group know when things get uncomfortable or go past a boundary. This is good for in-game/in-character things as well as out-of-character stuff - sometimes it's not what's happening in the fiction that's the problem, but how the other players are behaving (been there, had that uncomfortable conversation). This means that when someone displays a card, especially the "Stop" card, everyone at the table needs to take a moment and think about what was going on that could have triggered the card. I will give an opportunity for the person who used the card to speak up if they want, but you're by no means required to say anything. No explanation is ever required. In addition, if you’d like safety tools or limits to be discussed up front, let me know either with a private message or just mention it in the group. I’ll stop and have everyone listen. Bottom line is that respectful behavior is required at all times. Disrespectful, hateful, hurtful language or behavior will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate removal.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

We'll be doing character creation at our session 0. If you've never made a D&D5e character before, that's ok - I'll walk you through it. What you need to have is a general concept of what kind of character you want to build. We'll work together to refine that concept into something that fits the mechanics (or we'll massage the mechanics to make a character you want to play). I intend character creation to be a group exercise, so please don't come to the table with a character already built and expect to be able to use it. If the group prefers, I do have a handful of pregenerated characters (pregens) you can choose from instead. I'd be willing to allow you to adjust certain things about the pregens, or you can use them as inspiration to build your own characters.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: High
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: None

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Learn to Play D&D5e - Lost Mine of Phandelver

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  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: None
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