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Greetings, Adventurers. I am Daniel Martinez, your guide to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons. What begins as a simple supply run turns quickly into more than you may have bargained for. If you and your friends are brave...

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How to prepare

Please install Zoom and create a account.

What I provide

If needed, I will provide dice, characters, and pencils. I'll also provide maps for the areas in question.

What else should you know

Please feel free to message me to let me know ahead of time if there are any topics that you would be uncomfortable with. I run a PG to PG-13 game but understand and respect and concerns you as a player may have.

Gameplay Details

This game is designed to introduce players to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. There will be a decent balance of combat, adventuring, roleplaying, and problem solving.

How Will Character Creation Work

If needed, characters can be created for you and your friends by me. If you look to create your own characters, please do so using the Player's Handbook. Additional elements from the expansion books may be used but please let me know as a courtesy.

Players can expect







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